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Subject: How many points to Claim for language
  Hi Sharon and others,

I´m planning to send my Application to CIC next month after I get my FBI clearance.
I have not taken IELTS but scheduled one for August.
I plan to send my App without IELTS and take the exam later. IF the results come in good, will
send them to CIC, or will take another chance if CIC asks for it.
I get 56 points without the language part, so I need atleast 12 in IELTS.

My question is how many points should I claim for English in my application?
If I claim less and actually get more, or the other way, does it have any impact on the application?

Does it help to have more points than the cutoff?

thanks for any inputs

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Dude A.

Decide on that you want... you have 56 and you need 11. so how to get it...

In one month you cannot improve your english that you can claim for total 16 points....

What is your background... have you studied in a english school or not... all that matters...

Okey some serious talk... This is what you can try to do to get full 16 points.
First write a letter explaining that you have excellent command over english and that means in writing, reading and speaking. Second, if you have worked in an environment where english is the medium of communication you mention then, then mention your schooling if it is in english and if not then mention where you learn to communicate in english.

You can write your IELTS and if you dont get a good score dont submit it right now... practice it for more time and then write it again and send you score later... the CIC will ask you for the IELTS on a later date if they think that they need more proof.

That should work out fine...

Good Luck.

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Thanks Anonymous for your response,

That is exactly what I´m going to do. Apply and then take the exam.
BTW, I do not come from an English speaking country (we have English as a second language), My education has been in English throughout and I´ve been working and living in USA for about 4 years now...

My question still remains unanswered. Should I claim 12 points in my Application(which would be without IELTS) Or more than 12.


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your future in Canada relies more on your command of english than on your education. Be kind to yourself. Do not apply unless you are confident that you can carry out your profession very well in english (or french)
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Thanks Sharon,

I think I have comfortable command over English and my job here in USA involves meeting with and talking to my Clients(Americans) on a daily basis. I know having English as your medium of education does not mean anything unless you can be at ease in an entirely English surrounding.

I´m confident of getting 7+ in each of the IELTS sections unless something really unexpected happens...I also understand that even getting a 7+ in all IELTS sections is not a guarantee that you will survive in an English speaking country.

What I´m trying to say here is that I´m confident about my English and that I´ll do well in IELTS as well, but my question still remains unanswered:

When I fill up my application, and supply whatever proof I can, of my proficiency in English, how many points should I claim in section 5 of Schedule 3? should I fill in for 12 points or more ?

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If you are not providing IELTS score then you can write a letter explaining your proficiency in English.

It is the job of the immigration official to give you the points for English.

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Dude A...

I come from a coutry where English is a second language... and I got thru... dont worry just mention in your letter that you have studied in English for your whole life and then add the US thing too... Tell them that for alst 4 years you have been in the US and major communication takes place in should be fine...

Just a question... why do you claim yourself for 12 points... are you doubtful about your language command. Dont worry if you have any accent... it should be all good...

Also one more thing... there are people in the US who will score just average if they are given the IELTS exam... so dont worry about IELTS right now and just send your application as soon as you can.

Good luck.

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