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Subject: question for Sharon - please advise
  Hey Sharon,
Hope all´s well.
I had applied in mar 04.
IA Nov 04 stating file transfer to NYC and interview.Oredered CAIPS which showed 72 points.
Recd letter from NYC on Mar 05 asking for IELTS, W2 etc(which were submitted with application ), exp leters etc(which again were submitted with application).
I submitted all of the above in april 05(with IELTS score of 8).
I got a call from NYC consulate confirming my address in mid May ( which was surprizing, I thought).
Any ways haven´t heard anything since.
What do you think I should do? Follow up. Phone ? or Fax?
Please advise

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I would just hold on for a little bit. obviously your file is being looked at by someone. I doubt that you would gain any additional information with a follow up.
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Thanks Sharon,
I recd the medical documnets along side the IA in NOv 04. Do you think I should go ahead and get the medicals done in anticipation of an interview or waiver since it is already 2 months I sent all that they needed?

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If they have sent the medical forms, I would go ahead.
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Dear Sharon,

I submitted my medicals on June 3rd 2005 and was informed to submit our original passports 1 month after the medicals. This I will be doing so by next week to the CHC Nairobi, Kenya. Please advise how long is the waiting period after the passports have been sent. Our interview was waived and we have already paid the ROLF. This was all done when the medicals were requested.

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Hi Sharon,
While the medical forms were sent alongwith the IA in Nov 2004, it specifically mentions that I should take medical after I´m asked by the NY guys on file transfer. That hasn´t happened yet.
My original question was to seek your advice on doing the medicals as a proactive step rather than wait for the NY consulate.(which I´m hoping will either send an inerview waiver or an interview date soon bcos all the papers they´d asked were mailed two months ago.)
Whats your view.Thanks again.

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