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Subject: CAIPS Need Help
Hello guys. i recieved my CAIPS notes recently. It stated there my bring foeward date is 22nd july. what does it mean? it also says tahtCIC NY is waiting for something from CIC islabamad. time is running and i dont know what to medicals will be expring on 22 nov 2005. Thanks in advance. KK
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BF date is simply a reminder set in the system to bring file to officer´s attention if no activity occurs prior to that date. This is just to keep track of the files and make sure that a file does not get lost.

Every time there is activity it results in a new BFD. Don´t pay any attention to it, it doesn´t affect anything

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hey does it mean that i am not gonna get final letter before 33nd july or what? is it an evaluation by the offficer or what? thanx again kk

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