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Subject: Skilled worker?
  I have friends living in Serbia that want to immigrate to Canada. since they do not have family here I was wondering would it help if we send them a letter saying that we will help them when they first get here(they can stay with us at first, help them find a job, government offices...) to attach to their application.
Probably will not help. (in reply to: Skilled worker?)
Want make any difference. They need an official sponsor, I wanted to do the same but nothing. Unless the Canadian law has changed since last year.
Mr. Ducker

Mr. Ducker
(in reply to: Skilled worker?)
I don´t think you can.
They need an official letters or proofs.

Good luck

Collin Dyn
Job For Heat Treatment of steel (in reply to: Skilled worker?)
i want a job for heat treat ment of tool steel, low alloy steel ,die tool steel, high alloy tool steel i know oll of us i can doo for all over us I Am Doing heat treat ment of steel in CENTRAL TOOL ROOM (an indo german project)
Davinder sharma
marriage (in reply to: Skilled worker?)

Davinder sharma
i want a abroad femail to marry (in reply to: Skilled worker?)
i am Davinder sharma
i am doing for a job in india (ambika forgng)
i want a abroad femail i will marry here
i am 22m india

Davinder sharma
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