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Subject: when to apply for PR
  I am an American married to a Canadian citizen and it´s a rather interesting story. I met and married a guy off the internet without knowing anything about immigrations at all. We was married in the state of NY when I was visiting him in Canada. We decided to get married and I had the idea to get married in NY. Crossing the boarder to go back to Toronto the officer directed us to go to customs and immigrations to get a vistor record for me and upon doing so found out that I could not get a vistor record because I had a prior arrest from when I was 18. Which it´s almost been 10 years when I´m told it´ll drop off my record... I had to get a temporary resident permit that lasted 6 months. I just had to renew it and went back to the same boarder crossing as before and was told that come December I wouldn´t need a TRP anymore that I could just get a vistor record from there. Now I am confused as to if I should wait until December to apply for PR. I would be sponsored by my husband along with my 2 children. I also have other questions that I am confused about. Once I apply for PR would I be allowed to leave Canada and go back to the states to see my family while the application was in process? I was told once on the phone by CIC that I could not leave and I was told at the boarder that wasn´t true. I have gotten a couple of different stories concerning that. I am hoping someone here would know something and be able to give me some sort of advice. Thanks!
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