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Subject: Points not awarded (interview Call)
I got interview call and also Caipsnotes. Caipsnotes
shows that education points not awarded and also points
of relative in Canada not awarded.
WHY I did Not get Education Points aswell as Points
for relative in Canada.
Please Let me know soon!


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What documentation did you submit for education and relatives? Did you submit transcripts in University sealed envelopes & a copy of your diploma? Did you provide birth certificates and other documentation to prove that you are a blood relative of the person(s) living in Canada? Give us more information with regards to your submitted documentation.
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Thank you for reply. In this matter, its true that I did Not submit Transcript with my degree. They have My original Educational documents and also they have birth certificate of my relative. Anyway! what can i do now my interview will be in mid of July.
Waiting for reply.

Points not awarded (interview Call) (in reply to: Points not awarded (interview Call))
Is University Transcript necessary even if notarised certificates are sent ?
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I beleive I read somewhere that they require transcripts in University sealed envelopes. I guess notarised copies will do but you never know with those immies.
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Any one please justify.. My programme of study offered at Govt college , thus transcript issued from college and degree issued from University.

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You should have acquired a transcript from your college in a sealed envelope. They are just looking for concrete proof of education.

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