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Subject: In canada-premature ejacaulator
  Hi guys "In canada " has seen his mom being raped by few immigrants so he dont like them and he dont like anyone coming to canada so dont mind him and I am his wife any young handsome guy can migrate and stay in my house till he satisfy me because "In canada" cannot do that so please come soon aah ooh aah
"In Canada's " wife
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Down to his level (in reply to: In canada-premature ejacaulator)
There is nothing that "In Canada" could have written that would justify what you just did. When you lower yourself to his level you surrender the high ground and become no better that him.

I have not read everything that "In Canada" has written but I can imagine what it is. And while I dont agree with him I think there are more mature and intelligent ways to respond.

chill (in reply to: In canada-premature ejacaulator)
hey andres there are better ways but all has been tried but he keeps insulting people all the time so we have to do this and there are mature ways but few people dont understand that language anyways you chill and dont waste time on writing such commenets which doesnt bother you
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That´s the point, you don´t HAVE to do this... Here is an old newspaper adage: "Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel"
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Another useless thread to clutter up someone´s search for information.
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