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Subject: Change of circumstances
  Hi all

Both myself and my wife got our PR in April 2005 and got our passport stamped in May 2005.

The landing deadline is January 2006.

My wife has just becoem pragnant with our first child. Do i need to tell this to Canadian high commission or do we just go for landing in January 2006 (we plan to land in canada in jan06)

Could there be medicals again before we land?

Please advice ASAP.

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I do not think that you have to tell CIC about your wife case until she has a physical baby, it is still a project. ISA you will get a cute one. But I am talking by their view. I recommend that your wife land there and deliver in Canada, so your new baby will be Canadian by birth.

Good lUck


hi Asif, (in reply to: Change of circumstances)

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hi Asif,
congratulations for the visa

i think you might concider when u first arrive u will wait for three months to have the medical insurance, so be carefull if you want ur wife to deliver the baby there before ur medical insurance that will cost you ten thousand dollars.
be carefull and be prepared

good luck

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Not every province makes you wait three months for healthcare.... of course, everyone wants to go to Toronto!! And Ontario, yes, no health care for 3 months.

Make sure you understand if the province you are living in provides immediate health coverage or not. If not, you will need medical insurance... Canadian hostipals are cheaper than the US, but that´s like saying the space shuttle is cheaper than the space station. They are still both expensive!


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No need to tell CIC...It is not their business.....Land as soon as possible....good luck
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