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Subject: Buyin US car in Canada
Can we buy US titled car in Canada from someone visiting from U.S.? What procedure we need to change the title.?
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You can buy but the registrar of imported vehicles will force you to pay excise duty (you will have to drive to the border to do that, I think) and take the vehicle through FEDERAL and PROVICIAL inspection to get it to compliance with Canadian standards... then you are ready to get Canadian plates and use it!
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If the title is American, I am sure you have to get the title changed with the state DMV. You can´t import a car in which you do not hold the title.

You can not owe money on the car either... you must own it 100%, but I am sure it won´t matter since you are buying it used.

I would suggest you just buy a car off a Canadian. Even if you are getting a deal, the hassles, plus import fees will soon make you wish you hadn´t bothered importing.


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