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Subject: Notarised document
Hi can advise me whether copy of below documents need to be notarised:
1. Training Certificate
2. Transcript
3. Referencr Letter of employment
4. Degree Certificate


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yes, all photocopies need to be noterised
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I am not sure if all copies need to be notorised as mentioned. Financial statements, actual diplomas, passport copies, for example, I do not believe have to be notorized. If they question the authenticy of a document, then they may request notorization.
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The transcript and reference letters should be original.

Copy of degree can be notarized.

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Thanks guys, to Kenny if transcript should be original.
It won´t returned back to me, right?
What if don´t give the original, only copy?

letter of invitation (in reply to: Notarised document)
Hi. im a canadian,and i want to invite my finace to come and be with me,and im not sure of the steps.i did the letter does it need to be nortarized?

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