country of residence or citzenship?

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Subject: country of residence or citzenship?
  I am planning to apply from Germany where my current residence is and I am a citizen of India and most importantly my visa is valid until August 2006. In these circumstances, is it a good idea to send application documents to Canadian office in Germany or India? how does this affect the time frame in case my immigration process did not complete before the German residence permit visa ends? how long does it take to move my case to the country of citizenship? If I have to apply in the country of citizenship, is it necessary to visit country of citizenship during application or when is the first time the applicant should be present before the visa officers?

I appreciate your answers.

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you can apply from germany.if it is not finalised with in time you can tranfer the file to india.
from delhi it will take 4years to get Visa.
Gemany no idea.

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Dude... if you have been in Germany for more then 1 year then you better to apply in Germany...

If your visa expires and you still dont get the immigration visa then ask for an extension in Germany or else leave for India... once thats done if they call for interview visit germany and do the interview... if you transfer the file to India it will take all the way another 4 years and it will just be a waste... Its better if you try to get your German PR extended...

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It takes 12 to 36 months to process an application from Berlin.

It takes 40 to 52 months to process an application from New Delhi.

The Immigration Section of the Canadian Embassy in Berlin will only process immigrant applications made by citizens of Germany or the Netherlands or by persons who have been lawfully admitted to either Germany or the Netherlands for a period of at least one year.

If you apply from Berlin and you are called for an interview then it will be your responsibility to get visa and appear for the interview. If you case is approved then you have to send your passports to Berlin.

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