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Is it reasonnable to claim any points for french in the application without an examination ? I estimate I can?t write or speak french on a satisfactory level but I can understand or read some french in simple matters.


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I claimed one or two points for French, but the imm. officer gave me zero, as I found recently from CAIPS. But you always can try...
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Give the exam and you will find out if you will get a few points for proficiency in French.
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Are there any online tests in the web that will show me what my level might be?

And is it possible to add the examination certificate later when the application is in process ?

Thank you for advise.


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yes elli, possible
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Sent them also any kind of proof that you have some language experience. I think it would be enough. Anyway, if you´ll have an interview officer can ask you a couple questions in French, maybe simple, but if you won´t answer then your language points will be annulled. Moreover, officer will gain not a good impression of you because it would looks like a deception.

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