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Subject: Spouse sponsor, Please help

i have applied for my wife sponsorship, she is in india.
the sponsorship got appoved my CPC MISS on june 6 , 2005
and the case got transfered to New Delhi Visa Office.

Now it more than 18 days, my wife has not got any letter regarding the approval from New Delhi. is it normal for visa office to take this much time? neither my E-client status is updated. the application for the permenent resident still shows Unavalible.

Please guide us!!!


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Be Patient wait... only 18 days gone... wait till 3 months if u don´t get anything okie
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Well , it will take more than 18 days man.

I have been sponsored by my wife and this is my time line.

Sponsorship application sent Dec 5th 2004
Sponsorship approval Dec 31st 2004
File transfer from CPC Ontario to Guatemala visa office Jan 28th 2005.

AOR Feb 4th

Interview waived March 15th.

My application still pending....
CIC is doing my background check.(I am not a citizen of Guatemala)

After her file was transfered to New Delhi might take another 6 months or so.

Seat and relax , is going to painfull and long!

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if you are canadian you know every where there is a big so called as process but she will be with you within 2-3 months. Ans everything wil be fine. Good luck
To Nitin (in reply to: Spouse sponsor, Please help)
I have the same timeline as yours,
Applied to CPC-M on May 20/2005
Sponsorship Application - Decision Made on June 10/2005.

The E-CAS still shows Not Available. Nor has my wife recieved any AOR. From what i have noticed from other folk´s timeline, it takes sorund 15 days for Nee Delhi to have a first look at the application. so I guess my only advice is patience, which i understand is easier said than done. :-)


To MT (in reply to: Spouse sponsor, Please help)

hi MT

we can get in touch with each other
if any of us got any news from new delhi visa office
do post on this forum
this wait is toooo much.


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My E-CAS status got updated last night. It shows In Process - we started looking at your application on June 20. thats it. just this short status update.

hope this helps.

E-CAS updated (in reply to: Spouse sponsor, Please help)

MY E-cas stauts was also updated today. it shows In Process, same as yours.
now lets wait for further response.

do reply when u get any further information

hi this message is to mt and nitin (in reply to: Spouse sponsor, Please help)
can you tell me when did the pp request finally come in ... cause i am in the same both right now
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