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Subject: when do they request additional documents
  after they send the AOR, do they ever ask for anything else before sending the IA? i recieved the AOR on 02/2005 but my application was recieved in oct. 2004 and at that time, i hadnt completed my master´s degree. of course, by the time they sent the AOR, i finished the master´s but they never asked for updated documents to reflect this.

something tells me i´m going to have to do an interview...i feel like changing my mind about the whole thing the more i research this stuff.

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You´ll be asked for additional docs when you receive IA. At the same time you´ll know whether you require an interview or not.

By the way, I have the same timeline. I applied in October and got AOR in Feb 2005.

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Hey Guys..me too I have the same ditto timeline as you both..why dont we 3 keep in touch with each other...please both of your email me on vwphaeton@rediffmail.com and we can keep in touch so that we know whats goin on when they will send IA and stuff...i applied in oct 2004 end..and CIC recieved it at the end of october also...in 2004 I also got my IA in second week of feb 2005...anyways why dont u both please email me and we can keep in touch...thanks..
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I read in the thread started by degen95 that additional docs will more likely be asked during IA....I got my IA months and months ago and no additional docs asked...does that mean:

1. They already reviewed every supporting docs that I submitted and found them acceptable?

2. They accepted my English ability explanation and supporting docs?

am still waiting for itnerview date though...

Thanks a lot guys.

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My advice will be to send the updated information to them instead of waiting for them to ask for it. I am in a similar situation as yours and sent a copy of my degree and transcripts after completion of the course.

Send a copy of your degree and transcripts along with a cover letter referring to your File Number both on the envelope and the covering letter.

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Hi Degen95,Spec & Anonymous (33.91.61)

I too have the same time lines. I have seen from Yogi99 that people who got their AORs in Jan 2005 have started getting their IA. Which means we too should start receiving our IA by July. My email is cedy_aqua@yahoo.ca. Please stay in touch. I am completing my Masters in Aug 05.

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