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Subject: proof of funds
I am planning to land in what form should i take proof of funds.Do i need to show them on a letter head that my balance due is ........or i need to show bank statement of 2-3 months.
Please advise.
My visa is stamped on my passport now.Am i a permanent resident now.

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I am not sure which to use, but please let me know how it goes. I have the same question, how to show proof of funds when landing.
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You must land in Canada to complete your Permanent Residence application.

if you are landing, the idea is that you are bringing money with you to live on! it should either be already transfered to a Canadian bank, or you should be carrying travellers cheques or a bank draft.

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Sharon, immigrants (to land) are required to show somewhere between 10-15k depending on the family size. And you are not allowed to carry more than 10K (USD or CAD???) along actually to handle?? Same query as Greg........

thx v much


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