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  First, thank you to everyone who helped me with my questions regarding sending in FBI fingerprints. Reading through this forum, I felt encouraged to call them (304-625-5590) to find out if I could expedite the process; we unfortunately waited until the last moment to get our fingerprints done and now need to get our application in as soon as possible (for our own sanity!). As others have mentioned, customer service at the FBI was awesome; however, I was told that processing takes 10 weeks, and without a tracking number, they would not be able to locate my fingerprints to help me out. So here are my hints: 1: apply for fingerprints early, and 2: send them via UPS or FedEx with a tracking number if you will need them sooner than 10 weeks. We are going to re-do ours and send them in that way. The customer service rep suggested that I include a note with the date I need them back by, and to follow up with a phone call once I see that the forms have been recieved. We are on pins and needles to get our application in, and I thought maybe this information might help someone out there in a similar situation. Good luck to all!
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Ask the person to put a note in the system for expediating the process and they should be able to do it.
Second, also when you send the sealed envelop with fingerprints inside it... write a covering letter giving them a deadline for process... Trust me it works;)

I got mine done this way... and I got it done in 3 weeks.

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