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  First, thank you to everyone who answered my previous questions regarding submitting fingerprints to the FBI. After reading through other experiences on this forum, I decided to call them (304-625-5590) to see if they could expedite the process for me. We unfortunately waited until the last minute to submit our fingerprints, and we are on pins and needles trying to get our application submitted. As others have mentioned, customer service at the FBI was awesome. Unfortunately, however, they told me that without a tracking number, they wouldn´t be able to locate my fingerprints, and that processing time is currently 10 weeks! Customer service rep advised that I re-submit fingerprints and send them in via UPS or FedEx with a tracking number, and that when they are received, I should give a follow up call asking them to expedite. She also suggested including a note with a deadline date, when I need the fingerprints back by. So my advice: 1: send in your fingerprints early, and 2: send them via UPS if you will need them back quickly. We are getting very anxious to get our application in, and I thought this might help someone else out there in a similar situation.
Good luck to us all!

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I sent mine via US Postal Service. Certified Mail with Return Receipt Request. (The green card you get back when they receive the fingerprints as proof of delivery). It only costs about $4.00 and I think it got there over a weekend (Friday-Monday). Certified Mail has a tracking number so when I called them to ask to expedite they were able to locate it.
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There is no reason to use UPS or FedEx. Certified mail via US Postal Service is much cheaper and has a tracking number.
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Also, their website says to put your deadline on the outside envelope and inside cover letter.

I did only the later. Luckily, I had used US Postal Service express with a tracking number and they were able to pull the request out of the 10 week pile and process it within a month.

So, use a mail source with a tracking number and put your requested deadline outside on the envelope and inside on the cover letter.

Livescan Fingerprinting (in reply to: FBI advice)
I´m in Bay area California. And I am planing to apply for Canada immigration. I am wondering if it´s OK to go for a livescan finger printing or do I need to have the finger prints on card. And in any of the case how would request FBI for the FBI Record Check.
Any help in in this regard is highly appreciated.


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