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Subject: Item 15. Addresses
  Question 15 on the Permanent Residency application asks for the addresses of places the applicant has stayed since the age of 18, yet the instructions say for the past 10 years.

1. Which is it? Since the age of 18, or 10 years past?

2. Is there a minimum length of stay to be considered a residence. If one has traveled, for example, throughout a year and stayed at anywhere from 4 to 30 addresses, should they all be listed, even if some were in hotels?

Please inform.



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Hi Jan: On Schedule 1, Question 15, you should include all addresses where you have lived since you were 18. Include a separate sheet if you don´t have room for them all. I don´t think they care about temporary places you´ve stayed, ie: with friends, while traveling, etc. I think the idea is to see where you have lived, worked, etc. Maybe include all places where your name is on a lease, for example. I doubt that they care that you stayed, for example, at a hotel in Paris for 2 weeks one time some years ago. I hope that helps!
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That is correct, CIC is interested in permanent addresses only, however, your dates should not have gaps example from FEB1992 to MAR2001 at so and so and from APR2001 till APR2004 at so and so. If gaps occur you have to justify that.


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