Are Babies Not Allowed ???

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Subject: Are Babies Not Allowed ???
  Hello Members,

Need your precious advice on a little query that we are not allowed to carry the babies(As per CIC instructions)while appearing for the interview. So where could we leave the babies? In interview call letter, CIC London specifically says not to bring the babies. So, does anyone have the similar experience or anybody knows somewhere in London where we can leave the babies while being interviewed. Thanks in advance.

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I might be wrong but I think they are telling you that it is not required to bring the baby even though they are part of the application.
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I am not sure also, but maybe they might want a smooth flowing interview session and with the baby around you will surely have a divided attention.

I read from this forum also that some moms leave their children to their friends/relatives or if you are near the interview place maybe you can consider putting the baby to the child care as your very last option.

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Hi Sandy

Bringing children in immigration interview is neither required nor useful. I had my interview in London and I was specifically asked not to bring minor children in the interview. This is rather helpful in finishing interview smoothly. In your case, if it is really impossible to leave children at home/relatives house, then take them with you and leave them at the waiting lounge before you enter into the interview room. London CHC interview waiting lounge is reasonably large. But, please treat it as the last option. Don´t worry about the interview. Just face it with confidence. Immigration interview officials in CHC london are really helpful people with pleasnt personalities.

Good luck

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