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Subject: Medicals status update CIC website
I had my medicals done two weeks back. The hospital said that they would send the file to Ottawa in five days Does any one know how long it would take for the status to be updated on the CIC website after they receive the medicals?


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Hi there,

from what i have seen in alot of Forums that the CIC Website doesnt Change before getting the Visa coz they have a SLOW ROUTINE thing going in the CIC, so dont be worry, When they will UPDATE you status from In Process to DECISION MADE - that mean they have received your Medical and already issued the Visa INSHALLAH. this is what i have experience through surfing the Internet and not from a Personal Experience ok. Coz i am waiting for my medical in any day as i have been told from an Immigration Consultant.

well Good luck to you and i think you have done well we all have done MAJOR efforts until now in waiting for the Visa and hopefully when we reach there we will have more luck.

take care

Yours Radi


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