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Subject: New born child
What is the procedure to inform CIC about new born child? Do I need fill out any additional application for child right away? What kind of documentation to be attached to add child?

Thank you

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Hi there,
First Good Morning,
Second Congratulations for the New Born Baby. Do you know what is the Most beautifull and precious thing in life for me is to Have a New Born Baby: Which i was delaying doing same because of Immigration Procedures and coz of other staff will tell you about them later.

Dear Friend I think you might go and check this line which refers to one of the Topics mentioned here in our lovely website (Thank you very Much for the Administration)

they mentioned same Topic before six months maybe but it is full of information.

Good luck and would you say hi to ur new baby for me please.

wish you all the best of luck



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When the baby is born send the following documents:

1) Certified copy of baby?s Birth Certificate;
2) Copy of Passport;
3) the second page of IMM0008;
4) Application fee - Please check
5) 4 photos;
6) Cover letter to inform CIC the birth of child - Mention your file number
7) Additional Family information (IMM 5406) form

If they need any aditional information they will let you know

about my new born baby (in reply to: New born child)
hi there
i just want to make sure something about my decision that i have my 3 months old daughter and i am planning to go my backhome and me and my husband wants to leave our baby to her grand parents care,then i will come back alone to complete my study for 9 months,so after one year i ll bring her back to there any difficulties or problems could be? or govt of canada will do objection on this decision?
plz help me in details.

add new born baby name (in reply to: New born child)
sir, pls advice me how i can add my new born baby in my Manitoba Prov. Nominee Program Application file.
CSQ expiry (in reply to: New born child)
dear sir,

I applied to Canada Immigration to quebec and passed my interview in Syria on Nov 2009 (I am a lebanese). At the end of the interview I was given the CSQ which is valid for 3 years ending on November 2011.

On January this year they sent me the medical test but my wife couldnít do the Xray because she was pregnant. So we did all medical tests except my wife´s Xray.

Now my wife delivered her baby end October and I am preparing to add my baby to my file. But my concern is that my CSQ will expire. I emailed BIQ they told me to send a request to Damascus immigration office who will demand BIQ to issue a new CSQ. I emailed Damascus office but till date i didn´t get any reply.

In a couple of days my CSQ will expire. I would like to know what will be the implication if they didnít reply by that time and my CSQ expires? is it possible to issue a new CSQ after the expiration of the existing one? Or with the expiration of the CSQ my application will be closed and I need to apply from the beginning? Is there anything can do now?

Also could you please let me know based on your experience how much time adding a new child delays the immigration process?

Thanking you

sami hajj
Child Addition (in reply to: New born child)
Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am a Canadian PRC holder presently outside Canada for approx. 2 yrs. During this time I had a baby girl (she is 1 year & 4 months old. I am planning to move back to Canada in the near future. I wish to know the procedure how I can add my daughter in my permanent resident status. At the time of landing I was accompanied by my wife & son. Kindly inform me about the procedure for child addition for PRC holders & approx. how much time it is taking to complete the procedure & getting immigrant visa for my new sibling.

I am anxiously waiting for your kind & prompt reply.

Thanking you

New born baby to be sponsored (in reply to: New born child)
Dear Sir/Madam,

Me and my wife both are new immigrants on PR status and have just landed in Canada one month ago. My wife is carrying 5 months of pregnancy. Since we do not have any family in Canada we are planning that my wife goes back to India and get the baby delivered over in India.
My concern is that how long will it before my child can come to Canada as my dependent and are the procedures too complicated and involves lot of paper work?
Also does the Canadian government wants that the father has specific amount of income to sponsor the child and bring to Canada?

Please do reply

Vikram Trivedi

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