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Subject: To Robert: PP request question
  Hi Robert,

I saw your posting earlier. You posted this timeline:
Jan 04 - applied
Feb 04 - AOR
Sep 04 - IA
Feb 05 - File transferred from Buffalo to New york
Mar 05 - additional documents sent to NY
May 05 - Medicals consucted
June 05 - Online status changed to "In _process - medicals have been received"
waiting for pp request.

I hope you won´t mind me asking....Feb 05, your file was transferred to NY...was an interview required for your file to be transferred? and then was your interview eventually waived after submitting addtl docs in March?

If this is the are lucky....anyway goodluck on your PPR.....I hope you can answer me with yes or no on the above query...thanks a lot Robert...

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hi Joe05,

initially an interview was required and so file was transferred to NY. the reason was that i had not submitted my FBI police clearnce whough i had acquired it in aug 04. SO after file came to NY, the NY office told me to send the police clearnce which i did in March and was waiting for interview call. Then in may i got letter stating that interview is not required as i have cleared the criteria for immigration. so i should proceed with my medicals which i did accordingly. and as of yesterday, my status changed to "Medicals have been received". hoping to get my pp request soon. lets see.

if u have a US masters degree, there is very little chance that they will call u for interview. all the best with ur case.

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Congrats Robert.

Just to clear one thing - having a US masters degree has nothing to do with getting an interview waiver. Following is my timeline

Dec 03 - applied
Jan 04 - AOR
Aug 04 - IA
Interview required in NYC. Still waiting for file transfer from Buffalo to NYC!

I have a Masters degree from a University in US.

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