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Subject: Interview Query !
  Hello all !
Thanks for your input to my last posting. One more little query is that when we get called for the interview, does CIC interview main applicant or spouse also ? Because I am thinking to carry my baby to CIC London and leave the baby with my wife if they dont interview the spouses ? Wud appreciate your co-operation.

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I am assuming your wie and baby are in your application too. In this case, you and your spouse needs to go to the interview. Children above 18 years should also go with you to the interview. Goodluck.

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Thanks for the reply Joe !

I forgot to ask you that while appearing for the interview, does CIC interviews both applicants (Husband & wife) together Or One by one ? Because if they do it together then I would have to worry about our baby. And if its one by one then while I am being interviewed my wife can look after the baby & vice versa. Would you or anybody can suggest something ?

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I don´t have a first hand info but based on what I have been readin...looks like you´ll be together. I will pray for you that you will come up with a great solution as to who´s gonna take care of your baby during the interview.

Do you know of any adult that you trust who can come with you and stay at the lobby with your baby during the interview?

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They conduct the interview together meaning both you and your spouse should enter the interview room together. Firstly, the principal applicant will be asked several question and then the spouse.They also mark/observe suitability of the spouse and to some extent also mutual understanding between you and your spouse.This is my personal experience.It will not reflect your mutual understanding if your spouse says something which is totally opposite to what you have just said. So both of you should be prepared equally about possible questions and answers. Main questions are pointed towards the principal applicant.
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