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Subject: need advice
  Hey friends,
Just wanted to update you all on my case:
I recd a letter from NYC that I need to submit:
1.Medical - it had come with the IA from buffalo in Nov 04 which had said that wait for next instructions from NYC for interview. Now I still don´t have communication on the interview from NYC other than this medical requirement. Anyways I will go ahead and get it done. But was wondering if I wasted time by not doing it before. And this this new letter does not even clarify if the inetrview is waived.Anyways, hoping for the best.
2.New FBI report - i submitted it with application in mar 2004.
3. Photocopy of paasports- which I did before and will do again !!!
4. To deposit ROPR fee - what is this?

Could anyone help me with the status of my case? Do you think they´ll call for an interview after all these submissions or should assume (on a positive note ) that the Interview has been waived and they are looking for all this for file completion.

Any advise will help de escalte the anxiety and frustration.


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They are asking you to pay the Right of Permanent Resident Fee (or landing fee) so that, if approved, your visa can be issued. I don´t know about whether or not your interview will be waived, but if they are asking for medicals and the ROPR fee, I´d do it without delay and submit everything else. It looks like your case is moving along!
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