Anybody wants to tell my his story?

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Subject: Anybody wants to tell my his story?
  Hi everybody!
I´m a 22 years old French citizen, also in the process of immigrating to Canada.
As I love writing and I thing immigration is an interesting issue at every points, I´d like to write the story of a few immigrants, from taking the decision of leaving his/her home country to arriving.
I can read/ speak English, Spanish, French and madarin Chinese, so you could choose your language!
As for your story, we could communicate by email or messenger, and I´m just writing your experience, so I WON´T judge you and I WON´T change a thing to your story.
I´m also interested in getting the immigration experience from people immigrating to Europe - if you know anybody in this case, you can refer his/her to this post.

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You can go through my story below is the link

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I am pretty sure that a lot of people are willing to share their experiences but would be wise of you to write down some of your credentials to know who are we talking to.

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I can understand your concern, and the fact this post can seem a bit out of place, but forums are a good way to meet great people with great experience.
As for my credential, I´ve already published a travel novel, "Nomadic", also available on (sorry, it´s in French). I´m still a student in Paris, where I study Chinese language.
I have no publisher for this project, it´s just an idea running in my mind. I´m not an immigration lawer trying to get more customer, nor an immigration officer trying to bust illegal immigrants ;-) Oh, and by the way, I´m a woman, so I´m not looking for any date...!
Well, this post is just intended for a first contact, if anybody is interested, we can email each other further information.
And Tom, thank you for the link, if you´re interested, we can exchange emails.
Thank you

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