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Subject: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse
  My Canadian fiance and I would like to find out whether it is easier to sponsor a fiance or sponsor a spouse, and should I apply for my permanent residency after we are married?
Her father knows someone who works for the Citizenship and Canadian Immigration , and he was told that it is much easier to apply after you´ve already married. I am trying to find out if there is any validity to this at all. My fiance and I simply want to get married and live in Canada. Time is not such a big constraint but it is important that we succeed at one point. So if it is easier (more secure) to immigrate as a spouse then we will get married.
Thanks for all your help.

Sponsoring spouse is easier (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
Please note that, a Canadian (and a permanent resident of Canada) who is married to someone of foreign national can sponsor a foreign national for permanent residency as long as a marriage is legal both in the country where the couple got married and under Canadian federal law.

So It is easier in a sense to sponsor a wife than a fiance.

Gregor Maynes
Former Immigration officer

Gregor Maynes
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So, then by your post, I take it that you apply for Immigration after the marriage has taken place?

And obtaining a marriage license (in BC) isn´t a big problem, as I had read somewhere that both sides need to have a MediCare card. Then I went to BC Vital Stats and only one of the two needs to do that part (and have a valid MediCard).

Chris & Carissa

Processing time for Spouse Sponsorship (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
My husband is in Canada... n He sent my sponsorship papers to CPC , Missassauga .. Does anyone out there know how long does it take for the application to be processed, I assume that my papers would be sent to Buffalo , since i applied from out side Canada category, n i reside in the US.

Thanks for all the help

heartache (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
I am married to a U.S. citizen and he had been refused to enter as a visitor for stupid reasons by the Can. border agent - I am truly not kidding. I went to the Immigration office and they said I can not do anything at all to get a visitor pass for my husband. I am native Canadian and I am truly worn out to be separated from my husband. (I even tried to enter in U.S. as a visitor and they refused me the access without even having a ticket parking) Can someone here help me please?
Husban getting a visa for canada (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
Hi, my wife is a canadian citizen and i work in kuwait. I want to know, what i should do. should i get a visa for canada or stay here and apply for immigration. and does getting a visa becomes easier for me or not. i will appriciate if someone can comment.

Sponsoring a Fiance is impossible (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
The government of Canada has removed the option of sponsoring a fiance. You can either sponsor a spouse or a conjugal partner. There is no fiance category. If you sponsor a conjugal partner you have to provide a lot of paperwork: financial statements, proof of the same address etc., in order to prove that you two are together. If you want to get married anyways, you might as well do that and save yourself the hassle.
when can I get married? (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
If I get married prior to Canadian embassy giving me a schedule for medical examination will that delay my own application? What if I have already passed the medical examination and my records are still for background check, will it be ok to change my status from single to married? I have heard that if I wait till I have completed my Canadian immigration process before I get married it will be more complicated than if I change my status prior to completion. In all these scenario, how much delay will it cause for me to start a family in Canada?
elaine chen
changing status fr. single to married (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
My friend got married in Philippines last June 26,2007 and came here alone in Canada as a worker July 3, 2007 with a status of still single, she´s already 6 mos. here and want to change her status to married.what are the requirements for these, what form to be filled up and where to send the documents?I will appreciate it much if someone can answer my questions pls. Thanks & God bless you
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sponsoring spouse (in reply to: Sponsoring Fiance or Sponsoring a spouse)
Im gonna marry a girl who is a permanent resident in Canada.
she is a student there and doesnt have any income. can anyone pls tell me whether she can sponsor me or not. if she is not capable of sponsoring me then what will be the least income for sponsoring for spouse.


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