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Subject: Buffalo's Status Update Letter
  After two faxes of status inquiry, I finally received a letter from Buffalo which i am posting below. I wonder if this is a prototype letter sent to everyone rather than a letter specifically addressed to me. Anyone receiving the same worded letter?
Dear Applicant, We are sending you a status update on your file. Please do not write us or call with other status checks. We will contact you if there are other required documents. We have requested background information from other government office(s). We expect a reply in approximately 6 to 9 months. Unfortuantely, we cannot respond to requests for the status of your applcation before this information is received. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.- Immigration Section

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I sent Buffao several faxes inquiring about my application status but never receive any reply from them. It´s good to know that they respond to your query. My question for you: How long did you get the reply after you inquired?


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also to whuang please post ur timeline..how do we know when u applied and whats ur status..please post ur timeline b4 u post ur story
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yeah anonymous is right!



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The reply that I got from CIC is exactly the same as yours.

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Applied Oct 2003
ARO Jan 17, 2004
Second letter Jul 16, 2004
Medical done Aug 11, 2004
FBI + Additional doc sent Sept 25, 2004
background check (according to CAIPS) started Nov 16, 2004
First fax inquiry March 15, 2005
Second fax inquiry June 6, 2005
Buffalo´s response letter (as above) June 23, 2005.

I don´t mind about the waiting. But i do hate it if asked to re-take the medical exam.

Hope you all don´t have to go through the same ordeal as me. Good luck to you all.


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Whuang and others in similar situation:

I got similar letter from Buffalo; exactly the same words... can´t believe they use a standard answer even when giving an update!!

My only query is 6-9 months from when? From the date the letter was issued or the date the medicals were issued as some have posted that BG checks kick in about the time IA has completed and medicals are issued.

If it is from the date the letter was issued then - we´d have to do the medicals again. A complete waste of anywhere from US$ 400 - US$ 1500 depending on how many applicants are there in your application!!

My timeline:

Applied - Jan 2004
AOR - Feb 2004
IA - Sept 2004
Medicals - Oct 2004
FBI, PC and other Docs - Dec 2004

1st fax of status req. - Mar 2005
2nd fax of status req. - Apr 2005
3rd fax of status req. - May 2005

Response of same letter as whuang´s from CIC - May 2005

Eclient has never changed - no update whatsoever!!

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We almost have the same timeline. I applied in July 2003. Received AOR in April 2004. Medical, FBI were done in May 2004. I received a letter requesting for additional requirement signed by a Designated Immigration Officer on January 2005. Submitted the required additional documents in the same month. Still waiting for PP request letter.
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According to my CAIPS, the background check, at least in my case, started AFTER, they have received the medical, FBI fingerprint result and the additional docs. I don´t know why the hell CIC make us take the medical before our background are cleared. They know the medical has an expiration date while background check can take forever. What kind of logic is behind the process?
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Thanks whuang and also the starred guy for your timelines..Im amazed at this..that this has happened to you guys..as you see on the board and elsewhere..everyone including people who applied as recently as september 2004 or aug 2004 have gotten to the stage of PP request after IA and stuff..I am sorry for you guys..why dont u guys get together and file a lawsuit against CIC..whuang also dont mistake me for asking this..ure not from North Korea right?? by any chance..bcos that might delay ur background, security and clearance check a lot..anyways wish u guys good luck and keep the faith..
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No I am not from North Korea. I come from China. Have been living here in the US for close to 5 years. A frienf of mine applied at almost the same time as I did and he was apparently "exempted" from the BG check. He got PP request in Jan, 2005. The only difference is that i am single and he is married. I wonder if marrital status plays a factor in the odds of being selected for background check.