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Subject: Immigrant visa
  I applied for Canadian permanent residency and received the confirmation of permanent residence (CPR) from your office for both my spouse and myself. Along with the papers I also received the immigrant visa to land on Canada. I went to Canadian port of entry on 17th June 2005 to process the last step of my Canadian residency. However, unfortunately I was unable to get the permanent resident card, because my immigrant visa was expired on 11th June 2005(a week ago). I was unable to figure out the date format printed on my visa. It was printed from 05/05/2005 to 11/06/2005 on the visa to enter Canada, so I thought I could enter Canada by November 6th 2005 ? which was confusion from my part. When I went to the port of entry the immigration officer issued me an ID#5365-3099, and ask me to contact with the immigration authority to obtain a new visa. Does anyone have any idea what might happen, if they are going to issue me a new visa or ask me to start the whole process again.
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Sorry to hear that. Its been 2 weeks since you were refused entry in Canada as a PR and I hope you have contacted the immigration authorities by now.

Generally if the applicant does not land before the expiry date on the visa the PR status is cancelled. But I hope that the immigration official looking at your case will consider your request.

If I was in your situation I would personally go to the immigration authorities.

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It is hard to say what to expect
As above said go to embassy and see what happens
I think you migh need to redo your medicals to get new visa but I am just guessing

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