Lung mass, Not TB but fungi infection

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Subject: Lung mass, Not TB but fungi infection
  About one month ago, I had teh med exams but found a mass in my lung from chest X ray. The doctor performed many test for me in the last 30 days, it came out today that no evidence of TB but soem fungi infection inhaled from air due to the environment in this area. So the doctor will write the reports and sent the report and X ray films out.

Please help to evaluate what potential problem my application mat have, REJECTED? or no problem. any comments are welcome, especially from Sharron´s..

Thanks again!

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Hi Sadder, I think there is no need for worry here. Fungal infections of the lungs does NOT impose serious demand on the health system/resources unlike ACTIVE tuberculosis. But the doctor´s report on what exactly is the nature of infection will likely influence the fate, I think so. May be additional tests will be sought by CHC!!!

Keep cool.

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