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Subject: to admins
  First, thank you very much for running this most helpful forum!
It is just great for everybody who is going to immigrate to Canada/already applied/already frustrated :)/etc., etc.

However, we are getting quite a few questions which repeat the ones which were posted (and replied) just couple of days ago. How many times people asked how to get CAIPS for the last week? At least three times...

I wonder, would it be possible to have a wiki-based FAQ section in addition to this forum? With wiki, everybody can edit the entries and we would fill it with useful info very quickly.

Excellent Idea (in reply to: to admins)
We were thinking to set it up like wikipedia does, but it is not that easy to set that up and run it. However, FAQ is next on our task and should be ready soon. Thank you Chemist for your suggestion.

We welcome all suggestions and appreciate your comments.

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