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Subject: advice needed on residency requirements
I have been a permanet resident since June 2003. I have so far, spent 7 months out of that time (since 03) in Canada.. for personal reasons i am currently living in the uk (where im from) as i was at uni here and although i plan to settle in canada and spend some time there, i don´t think i´m going to be able to make the whole 2 years physical presence by June 2007, but i really want to hold on to my pr status. I know that the rules state to retain PR status you have to spend 2 years out of every 5 there. Well this is a bit cheeky but how do they actually know you are physically present? I have an adress over there, with my mother and i notice that they only stamp your passport when you come in, not when you leave. What are my chances of getting away with it? I plan to go back to canada in oct/nov... i have been away since last november but what if, when i go through immigration i tell them i have only been away since may? would that buy me a few more months or do they always check into these things? Every time i have been through before they just swipe my card and ask me how long ive been away, and i normally just tell them and they enter it into their system. Is this all that happens, or do they check these things? Other than that are there any other loopholes (besides working for a canadian company etc)that will help me retain my status while not making up the 2yrs? Please any input on this would be greatly appreciated

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You think that they didnt stamp it but trust me these people know everything... just remember that... they may not stamp the pp but they scan your PP and that could be sufficient...

Second, they stamp your PP when you go to UK for arrival and do the same when you arrive in Canada...

Harshal Soni
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The CIC will have a record of every traveler who leaves Canada, and arrives into Canada via aiport.

I know of Canadians, who have filed for EI (Employment Insurance) and then have gone on an extended vacation to latin America. After 1 week, there EI was canceled because they were outside of the country. There passport was not stamped by CIC (nor do you even come into contact with CIC before leaving Canada).

But, Revenue Canada or HDRC can get a hold of flight information. If RevCan or HDRC can figure these things out, so can CIC. I´ve even known people who have had their health coverage axed for the same reason, even though they felt the government had no way of knowing they were outside of the country.

They will know you have flown to the UK, and will be able to obtain information from British customs.

I think the CIC sets out the physical presence requirements, because they are worried about people who want Canadian citizenship for pure convienience. Like, they want PR and citizenship without actually immigrating to Canada. Who knows what such a person could be up to? Using there Canadian passport simply to gain access to countries where they could not before? Making profit by sponsoring people to Canada? Getting Canadian credit and not paying it back?

"Well this is a bit cheeky" I don´t think so. I think this is a reasonable rule... If people want to immigrate to Canada, and have the benefits of a Canadian PR or passport, I think they should be legitimate immigrants, and not people "really want to hold on to (their) pr status."

I am sure that you are not up to anything bad, but if CIC sets a requirement, they are likely going to enforce it, and there is no reason why you should be exempt because you really want to hold on to your PR status. Also, they have ways of finding out if you have been in Canada long enough.

So, if you want to keep your PR and future citizenship, you will have to spend 19 of the next 24 months in Canada.

I hope this works out the way you want,


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If you landed in Canada as PR in June 2003 then you still have 3 more years till June 2008 to complete the 2 years requirement to maintain your PR status.
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I have to agree with Dave. Most of us here want nothing more than the opportunity to live in Canada and gain PR status. For our own deeply personal reasons, we have committed the time, money, prayers, and hope that this one life altering wish will be granted, and when I read comments like this, in which I seriously question the integrity or seriousness of one´s application, it actually hurts me on a personal level. Why are you putting yourself through this process? I hope I´m wrong here, but it sounds like this is a matter of convenience or "backup" for you, which is a sheer waste of time for CIC, and thus, for those of us who are patiently waiting, waiting, waiting... You "plan to spend some time there"??? Well, I plan to spend the rest of my life there, raise my children there, invest my energies and money short, make it my home, forever, and pray that my children want it to be their home as well. To the core of my being I believe in Canada and what the country stands for, and I believe that its citizens should as well. Happy Canada Day everyone, and good luck to us all!
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Wannabe, you are right on the money, the truth IS bitter. I am guessing that most applications from USA under skilled category are "backup" plans. And this surely creates all the backlog in processing at CIC.

I wonder of all the PR´s issued to skilled category in the past decade what percent actually applied for citizenship ?

And for those who did not apply for citizenship what could be the probable reason ?
"never came to Canada as I did not need the backup ?" OR
"Landed but could not survive, so bailed out ?"

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Becoming Canadian
Study: Becoming Canadian

Immigrants who arrive in Canada are much more likely to become naturalized citizens than those who go to many other nations, including the United States, according to a new report.

The study "Becoming Canadian: Intent, process, and outcome," based on census data and published in the spring edition of Canadian Social Trends, shows that 84% of eligible immigrants in Canada were Canadian citizens in 2001.

Immigrants are eligible to become a naturalized citizen in Canada if they have lived in the country for at least three years.

In contrast, in Australia, where the residency requirement is a minimum of two years, only three-quarters of eligible immigrants are naturalized. In the United Kingdom, 50% of immigrants who have resided there for at least five years are British citizens.

In the United States, the proportion is even lower. There, the residency requirement is also five years, but only 40% of foreign-born residents are American citizens.

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Thanks for all the advice everyone - I must correct myself also, it was 2002 not 03 which is why i said i needed to do my time by june 07. Also when i said it was ´a bit cheeky´, i meant me asking the question, not canada requiring physical presence - it completely makes sense to me and i see why they do it. I do apologise if i have offended anyone - this is not just a backup plan for me and i am not putting myself through the process for nothing - i gained pr status as my mother had gained it before i was 18. I feel extremely lucky to have this but in many ways wish i could have been granted this a few years down the line as have much i am trying to do as far as travelling etc and as ´wannabecanadian´ says, i also plan to live my life there bring up children there etc...just have commitments which are hard to get out of at the moment. Looking through this forum has opened my eyes to just how much trouble people put themselves through to immigrate to canada and i now feel like one of the lucky ones. It looks like im going to have to do everything by the book so will just have to put in another year and a half there pretty soon! Thanks again for your help.
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i wish to immigrate to canada as permanent resident, kindly advice me on the cost, visa processand other important in order for to received the visa.

thanks for your cooperative.

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