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Subject: Spousal Sponsership from Canada/India
  Hey Guys...

I have a spousal sponsership question...

I imigrated to Canada on 18th June 2005 and now I am waiting for my PR card and SIN card.

I am heading to India after I get my PR card which I expect to get it by 18 July (4 weeks)

Okey... now the thing is that I am getting married on the 15th Aug and then I´ll be back to Toronto in mid-september. After that I plan to sponser my wife. We got engaged in November 2003 but I never informed CIC about it... I applied for immigration in March 2004 so infact there was no status change to talk about... but anyways now as I am getting married after I got my immigration I guess I should be okey...

So, can someone guide me on what forms are required and whats to be done about sponsering my wife...

I know this question may have been addressed before but one mroe time will not hurt ;)

Thanks a lot for your help...

Harshal Soni

Harshal Soni
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The process to sponsor your spouse is very simple.

One of the most important part of the application is proving that your relationship is genuine. Therefore provide as much proof as you possibly can like photographs of your engagement, marriage, honeymoon etc. Phone bills to show that you have been in touch with your spouse for the last few years, letters and cards you have sent each other.

Good news is that there is no minimum income requirement to sponsor your spouse and the processing time from India is one of the fastest in the world.

Please visit the following website and download the guide.


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One more thing , as a Permanent Resident , you must be IN Canada in order to Sponsor your wife.

you must apply as her sponsor in Canada. You may send both applications at the same time to the CPC in Ontario.
After you are approved as sponsor , CIC will forward the PR application to New Delhi for further processing and finalize it.
Your relationship has to be genuine , that?s pretty much all what you have to prove.

Good Luck and Happy Canada day!

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Thanks Anon and Andy...

Yeah guys... the relationship is genuine... and we can provide all the photographs of engagement, wedding and honeymoon too (to be done soon)

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