Australian nurse marrying Canadian student

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Subject: Australian nurse marrying Canadian student
  Hi all, I really hope someone can help me.

I am an Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (LPN). I finish Uni in October finally becoming a Registered Nurse. I have contacted healthmatchbc who advise me to contact them as soon as I get my Uni results (December 5th) and they will assist me with obtaining a job within a hospital. (most probably under contract as they may assist with my immigration and registration).

My soon to be husband and I wish for me to leave Australia in November to start our new lives together... FINALLY!

Here lies my question. My fiance arrives from Canada this month and we are marrying in August(Yippee), he then goes back in Septmeber to continue his last year of study... he does not have a job, therefore, how will this effect my living with him in Canada? I understand for him to sponser me, he must have a job, however, I will have the minimum amount of money required as stated through the skilled working visa application - will that help?

I´m terrified of arriving there and then being told I have to leave Canada and come back to Australia without him. I have heard this could happen and that I should wait in Australia before I go to him, but we just dont want to wait anymore, we want babies etc, etc (were in our mid 30´s!!). If I send the forms (either skilled worker or sponser) in December (Dec. 5th is when my Uni results come through) from here, Australia, I may not get to him till April-October next year?! After reading previous notes, I´m scared I may not end up being with him.

Can anyone shed some light? and if so, Thank You, in advance.

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I think that would be easer and faster for both of you guys to apply under family class member category.

He can sponsor you while is in Canada or even if he lives with you in Australia.

The sponsorship might take about 2 months to be processed and your Permanent Residence application would take about 6 months or so.
Since you are sponsored you won?t requiered a proof of founds.

I strongly recommend to apply for PR from abroad , applying from within Canada is risky.

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Just to add there is no minimum income requirement in case of sponsoring spouse. Therefore it does not matter if your soon to be husband does not have a job. All you have to prove is that your relationship is genuine. Your husband can start the sponsorship procedure as soon as you get married (If he is Canadian citizen) or as soon as he returns to Canada (IF he is PR).

I agree with Andy that you should apply for immigration under the family category.

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