How long..Wait?

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Subject: How long..Wait?
Fileed in april 2004.
AOR may
Medical and file transfer to detroit notification dec 2004

Now...Just sign of file at detroit..Getting frustrationg. Is Living more then one country in last Ten years make processing delyed...Any one have same situation. Please share.

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Hi there....

The following was taken from the Detroit CIC website. So I guess based on this, you are at least entitled to send a fax follow-up..who knows they might give you a feedback...goodluck.

.....Applicants should allow up to 12 weeks from the date of their notification letter from the Buffalo RPC to see their file number in this list. If after 12 weeks an applicant?s file does not appear in this list, they should contact the RPC by fax to advise that this office has no record of their file transfer.

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Raj, Joe is correct you should fax them ASAP

Did you get letter from Buffalo around March 1 05, saying that they do not have the file any more? If you did not get this letter you might want to fax Buffalo as well


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