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  Hi all ,

I have applied for Canada Immigration recently. I would like to know " What are the chances of getting a job " in Canada.

Basically I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from India with 3 years of experience as a "Java Programmer". I came to UK for higher studies thru scholarship. Completed "Master of Business Administration " from Liverpool University. But I lack management experience.

Presently I am confused which profession should I choose and which place in Canada is ideal to get the job.

I request you all to advise and best place in Canada I can look for.


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there are many PR´s as well as Canadians with your qualifications. Yes, there are jobs but the competition will be very strong. You might want to consider cities other than Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal to improve your chances.

If Canada is your goal, you might want to think about other kinds of jobs. I know it means retraining, but skilled trades are in desperate need and the wages are very good.

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Your MBA from the UK, will probably help you more than your Ba from India.

These are good qualifications, but you will have to start at the bottom when in Canada, and unfortunately, sh!t runs downhill in this country.

If you want to go after business admin or management, your MBA should land you an office job somewhere, although it may be in the $12/hr range initially. Its up to you to improve from there.

Perhaps you can try to combine your experiences to land a niche job... like maybe a company that provides business management software solutions... your programming and MBA will be an asset here, for sure.

Try Calgary... the city is booming... lots of expanding companies, and lots of labour shortages. Its a good place to go to get a quick initial job, and will be a great place to advance your career as the years go on.

The city is about 1 million people, and is bursting at the seems with growth. You can get a nice 1 bedroom apartment for $600 - $700 a month (or cheaper if you don´t mind living somewhere not so nice) right downtown (which is nice in Calgary). There are extensive buses, and Light Rail (the C-Train) so you may not need a car right away. There is no provincial sales tax in Alberta (Calgary is the biggest city in Alberta) so the total sales tax is 7% as opposed to around %15-%16 like in other provinces. There are plenty of jobs to go around, and the city does not see many immigrants compared to the other large cities (although this is starting to change in the last few years).

Good luck.

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Dave, great suggestions. I agree about trying to find work that would tie programming with an MBA.
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Valuable piece of info,Thank you Dave. I too have some questions that I will put up later


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