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Subject: after interview - financial requirments...
  we had interview and...the officer she said that it looks positive but she can´t give us the answer now because she want to see additional dokuments and after she can decide. She wants to see bank statement. My husband - my sponsor is receiving money regularly but unfortunatly the account is always on a debt. We are applying from within canada so he is working for both of us alone. That could be a problem? Before interview he put 2000 can to show them balance but they said they want statement. No we are afraid that could be a problem they are going to refuse us.
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Hey dont worry you will be fine...Just burrow money from friends for few days and take a bank statement out and give it to them...even if you put money today in your bank , the bank will give you a statement stating the funds ..hope that helps
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thank you for reply but they want 3 last month and I am thinking what is most important for them: money regularly receiving from employer or bank account with plus money on it. We do not have any choice, we will give what we have and I´ll tell you about the results.
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