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Subject: spouse in-Canada class sponsorship
  hi, i need help...
i am a foreign national married to a canadian citizen and works as an independent contractor on international assignment. i will be visiting my wife (on temporary resident visa) in canada next month. i want to avail of in-Canada class spouse sponsorship, however i want to go out of canada after a few weeks to fulfill other job commitments (i dont want to stay also in canada without work while waiting for the result - visitors are not allowed to work, i dont want also my wife to work for me). is there any risk other than being not allowed entry back to Canada?
please help.

leif rabago
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Well , I think that you should apply for a PR from abroad. It is safer,
You wife may sponsor you , even if you are outside of Canada.

The whole process might take about 8 months and as a Permanent Resident you are allowed to re-enter Canada as many times as you wish.

As a visitor , if you want to enter to Canada back and forth , you may have problems in some point or maybe not....
Up to the Immigration officer at the port of entry.

Risky though , better apply for PR.


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