help on london doing spouses applications!!help

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Subject: help on london doing spouses applications!!help
  any one any idea how long the whole thing takes on london processing things i got letter stamped 13th june stating they have my file from cpc-mississauga they have passed my wife (canadian living in uk)to sponser me now the pr begin´s i have checked on e-cas by putting thefile ref in what i read off the letter but nothing should i see somthing on e-cas when i type the file ref in?? or do i wait how long??? help anyone??
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How long?

4 months... 6 months...(need an interview) 8 months.... (missing informatin)... 12 months.... (medicals expire) 15 months..... it could be any of these.

Somewhere on the CIC website there is a list of current waiting times for spousals to be processed for each embassy across the globe. This may help. But, some cases take longer than others, CIC may need more information, and can request this at any time of their choosing...

I guess you have to be patient.


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