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Subject: religion, Canadian law, culture
  there was a wonderful TV program on the CBC over the weekend called ´Belonging´ - if you see it scheduled again - be sure to watch it. It investigated 5 new Canadians and talked about adjustment, some of their surprises, and challenges.

Child raising practices, household division of labour, freedom of worship, how our beaches are not really beaches because the water is not warm... how doing something from your home country is quite possibly against the law in Canada - like using ´violence´ against your wife or in diciplining your children.

Even certain aspects of religious practice - while the Charter of Rights and Freedoms allows everyone the freedom of worship, that freedom must still fall within the laws of Canada. Cultural practices that are socially acceptable in a home country are not protected under the Charter if they are against Canadian law. I will not list what comes to mind because the immediate examples are extreme and I do not wish to inflame the discussion.

One of our posters wrote earlier this week about Polygamy. While it is a practice allowed in many countries, it is not accepted under Canadian law. (not all Muslim countries consider it legal- Tunisia for one) Right now there is a polygamist colony in BC that are under great government scrutiny. There is discussion of criminal charges, and in some cases deportation. It is misleading to listen to posters who suggest that it is common, doable and socially without scrutiny or consequences. There is huge public pressure to deal with the BC situation.

I know for some it seems discriminatory to suggest that same sex marriage should be allowed but not polygamy... legal minds and politicians would likely disagree. As a Canadian, I am uncomfortable with how this new same sex legislation is written but I understand it and will accept it. As a new Canadian, it is your responsibility to come to terms with this law and others that our country sets out. Either live respectfully with it, or choose a different country. simple. The same is true with polygamy laws, family violence laws, inheritance laws, divorce laws and the list goes on.

When you choose Canada as your future, it says right in the document that you agree to abide by the laws of the country. In some instances it might mean leaving cultural practices behind. Canada does not hide it´s laws. The Charter of Rights is not a ticket to do as you please. Looking for ways to skirt the laws of Canada is very disrespectful of a country that gives so much freedom.

The laws, are what they are. You agree to abide by them them the day you sign your PR application. It is part of the deal. If you wish to continue some cultural practices that are against our laws, you have only one choice - pick a different future that allows you to freely live your life as you choose.

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Go here 4 more details

And let us know what will happen to those FEMALES

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It´s funny how people (especially Christians) get when the same-sex marriage issue is brought up. Because Canada is a progressive society and they want to treat everyone with equality, some people are bothered. I mean, every Christian who gets a divorce (and there are millions) is okay with that law even though their Bible prohibits it. When it comes to same-sex equality that is another matter. Since they do not benefit from the law, it is wrong.
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With referance to the article... I´m sure out of those 30 million "extra" females, atleast 20 could be GAY (lesbian) and the other 10 million single plus another 20 million who´s got bad husbands could be better off without a man. It´s the men who cannot live without us women so they better worship us.

This article is so outdate. Here´s how you can better it, just change the last few lines to...

Thus the some of the options before a woman who cannot find a good husband is to consider being single and go to a sperm bank OR get help from a good friend if you want a child, OR try a same sex relationship! and keep your honourable position without being a Door Mat!!!

Thank god, I´m born in the 21st Century!!!

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btw, I´m a Asian female, Straight with a nice boyfriend too!
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I think the progressive laws about things like same-sex marriage are why people are interested in coming to Canada.

Live and let live.

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I remember in public school, back in the early 80s, the principal would read the bible over the PA system, and some teachers would devote 15 minutes of class to bible study, even though Canada has similar laws to the US, where there is supposed to be a clear separation of church and state.

Now, there were about 2 or 3 kids in the class from Asia (or their parents were), who´s parents made them leave the classroom during the "Lord´s" prayer. In this case, the immigrant suffered, as these kids had another religion rammed into their ears, even though they were attending a public institution run by the government.

I remember so many people (native born Canadians) getting upset that the government stopped schools from breaking Canadian law.

I guess it works both ways,


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OK guys... this was not the idea of this post, or maybe it was. No matter how strong your opinions, or what you are used to in your home country - it matters nothing! When you come to Canada you must be willing and prepared to live beside people you do not agree with. You must be willing to be respectful. At the same time, you must be willing and prepared to live within the current laws of Canada - whether they agree with your cultural practices, religious beliefs or not!

There was a poster wanting to bring 2 wives and thought there was no reason for anyone - especially Canada to object. Currently, polygamy is illegal in Canada. Comparing it to same sex marriage is inappropriate and irrelevant to this discussion.

Reading peoples ideas of how to ignore the law or mislead CIC is disrepectful of the country you want to accept you. Planning and conspiring to ignore the law and use the Charter of Rights as your excuse is not how things are done in Canada. You will be asked to obey Canadian law. Nothing more... nothing less. If that request is too much to ask... then Canada is not for you.

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I hope polygamy remains illegal in Canada. And for those guys who´s having 2 or more wifes, you are definitely a bad muslim.

Most of you must have ignored the fact that you have to get "consent" from the 1st wife to marry a second. This consent doesn´t mean she just agreed because she´s helpless but she needs to agree because she "truly" wants the other woman.

Considering these factor...ummm, either your 1st wife is GAY and you´re a fool or you are making your 1st wife unhappy and being a BAD

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I?m going to respectfully disagree with you on this one, Sharon. I am a Christian who has lived all my life in Canada. Some of my most sacred values have been stripped from me because of people who have spoken up and changed the law. The charter of rights and freedoms has some serious flaws and has been interpreted poorly by LIBERAL judges appointed by LIBERAL governments over the past 30 years. It was not until 1982 that the infamously crappy Young Offenders Act and the ridiculously radical non-allowance of kids to form religious prayer groups in schools were introduced.

Part of your democratic right (and responsibility) in Canada is to speak up and voice your opinion about policies you think should be changed. Liberals have made anyone who disagrees with something into a bigot. This is ridiculous. While it is definitely not right and downright un-Canadian to insult or harm a person because of his or her beliefs, there is nothing wrong with challenging policies that you feel violate yours.

I, for one, was extremely happy to see Muslims, Christians and many others representing a vast array of religious groups standing together to defend a traditional definition of marriage. Many of these people were immigrants, and I am proud that they have the right to take part.

It is not reasonable to allow secular minds to create policy that reflects their own belief system, yet expect religious policy makers to suppress that part of rational that reflects their core beliefs. This is not what the framers of the constitution had in mind when drafting it.

For all who have cited the constitution in defending separation of church and state, please consider carefully the very first line of this document:


Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

Had we not been inundated with Liberal governments for so long, you can bet this first line would not have been brushed aside as decoration ? ironic really, considering it was created by a Liberal?go figure.

I welcome all of you to our beautiful country and I urge you to familiarize yourselves with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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