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Subject: Arrival
  Hi all

I got my canadian PR recently and I am aware that I need to enter canada within 1 yr of my medicals..right now my husband has contract for another 2 years in the UK.I wanted to know if its possible to come to Canada within 1 year..get the PR card and still manage to come back to the UK.Kindly advise.

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YES, you could enter Canada, apply for PR cards/complete formalities and return to UK. The only requirement is that you need to provide a Canadian mailing address for the PR card to be sent when ready. It will not be sent outside Canada by the officials. Someone else has to do it.

You will need to card to re-enter Canada. Just get this part sorted and all will be fine.

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You MUST land in Canada before the expiry of the visa. After you land you have to maintain your PR status.

To maintain your PR status you have to live in Canada for 2 years out of 5 starting from the day you land as PR. Please visit the following link for more information.

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Thanks for your replies HC and Anonymous..How long would it take for the formalities to enter canada and apply for PR card since we need to apply for a leave in the UK accordingly.Is it open during the Christmas period.
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