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Subject: What to believe? canadaimmigrants.com
Have you check out http://www.canadaimmigrants.com/
It really makes me think. I´m a 24 o engineer who is looking foward to inmigrate to Canada.

Jose Soilva
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Jose, where do you live?

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I live in Peru. And I want to aply for a resident visa on march 2004. But that site is kinda scary.
Seeing is beleiving! (in reply to: What to believe? canadaimmigrants.com)
Well, to tell you the truth I don´t know if that site is official or not? I don´t think that web site is run by Canadian government and therefore might not provide reliable information. However, I completely do understand your concern as I am an immigrant as well.
I don´t see things here that way, but again that is my view.

So, what I recommend is to come here and see it for yourself, you would be able to go back I assume. Seeing is afterall beleiving.

Good luck

Daniel Fleicher
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Hi david
Could you tell me when you imigrate to Canada? What are you backups and what do you do for living nowadays?
I´ve been looking for a webpages with the living costs in canadian cities, but I have not lucky. Do you know any site with rental and food rates ?
Thank oyu for your help

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I immigrated 10 years ago. But I didn´t have a choice (I didn´t have backup plan), I knew when I come to Canada I have to stay, because if I go back I would probably go to jail, in the country where I come from.

Daniel Fleicher
Real Immigration web site (in reply to: What to believe? canadaimmigrants.com)
Is at http://www.cic.gc.ca

Be very very careful about information you receive elsewhere. A friend of mine recently acted on bad information from an immigration lawyer and is now desperately trying not to break up her family...read the long and complicated official web site first before dealing with anyone other than the real immigration people.

I think that should be taken seriously (in reply to: What to believe? canadaimmigrants.com)
I recently came across with that web site and I am really thinking to much about migrating to Canada. That website is not official and of course any government office would write something like that, but I think that shows the feeling of many immigrants and that´s all it matters.

I have some friends in Canada and I called them up as soon as I reviewed that website and everything was clearer to me and I started to believe on those posts and scared me more.

The only thing everybody is agreed is that, at the beginning you need to start from the bottom, working in some works that nobody wants (means white Canadians), then you will try to find a job in your area of expertise and maybe you will start to experience the Canadian dream.... well that´s is BS, completely BS, how come the Canadian government is asking for professionals and asking to have english and french tests while an employer is would not hire claiming that you do not fit there, because either your accent or language or professional skills are not right for the job, when the same government they living for already qualified you for your skills, language and interviewed you in order to know more about you!!!. Why did not the officer tell you that your accent was ugly and would be years to get a job for that?. The funny thing is that you can get a job as a waitress, cleaning rooms and bathrooms, pizza delivery with those skills, isn´t it weird?

I can see that maybe a couple of months of waiting and doing some interviews, but years!!!, c´mmon that´s BS.

Canadian Expertise??, please that´s is BS also, living in US has given me the idea that here at least they give a shot to probe that you are able to perform your job.

I am looking for more websites like that one, so I can get things straight and I am currently very disappointed on the Canadians and their systematic racism.

From the very best point of view, looks good not have a good job thinking that one day will come and you will get your right job, but after 6 months doing crap in a country that is recruiting professionals with masters and Phd´s and giving a lot of crap for doing some crappy job, I think they do not deserve a shot and I thank God that I found that website to clear my eyes and mind and understand a lot of things that I could not realize about getting a job there.

God Bless America........ the real "Land of Opportunities".

Sergio Mayer
Top Eight Reasons NOT to immigrate to Canada (in reply to: What to believe? canadaimmigrants.com)
for those interested in Immigrating to Canada read this:

Top Eight Reasons NOT to immigrate to Canada


Do you believe in the info provided by the government? (in reply to: What to believe? canadaimmigrants.com)
OK, let´s see whether you believe this,


(by the way, it was done by the canadian government itself)

6 out of 10 immigrants work in fields other than those in which they worked BEFORE immigrating to canada...

Have fun,


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