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Subject: Need help
  Dear friends,

I applied to CIC (Buffalo) as skilled worker category in Sep.2003.I got IA in Sep.2004 and required interview at Seattle. Last week or at the end of June got a letter indicating my file is transferred to Seattle. My questions are:
1. How long it takes to get interview letter from there?
2. I need enteranc visa to USA. But if incase US custom office refuse me entrance visa, is there any other possibility to have interview here in Canada?
Your help is appreciated.

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Fax CIC and ask them to transfer your file to some other location in canada and hopefully they will do shud not be a problem
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For the Skilled Worker Category you must apply outside of Canada. You can not request that your file be transfered to a CIC office within Canada because they don´t issue Skilled Worker Class visas from within Canada.
About your are only eligible to apply through a visa post that is responsible for the country where you have nationality. (This may have changed since the time you applied, I think previously you were eligible to apply through any visa post). The other option besides your "home" visa post, would be the country where you have legally been admited for at least one year. If you applied in the USA you have to be able to go for an interview in the USA. Otherwise you will have to request to have the file transfered to your "home" country´s visa post. That will cause months (or years) of delay. Why don´t you try to get your visit visa for the USA and bring them your interview request. That may help. Good Luck.

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1. I need enteranc visa to USA. But if incase US custom office refuse me entrance visa, is there any other possibility to have interview here in Canada?

It is your responsibility to get the visa for US and appear in the interview. If you are unable to appear for the interview then as mentioned by Menino you can request Seattle to transfer your file to your home country.

But please keep in mind that it is totally upto the immigration officer to transfer your file.

Please order CAIPS notes if you have not already done that. As you are in Canada you can order your notes for FREE under the Privacy Act.

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Thank you very much to all (Mohammed, Menino and Anonymous)
It is really nice advice you gave me. I will consider all options that you suggest to me .By the way, i got CAIPS notes already. I didn´t find any thing new why they required me for interview. The only thing that i understood from the CAIPS note is "credentials" of documents.
Do you have any idea what it means?

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sir..i applied pr from canada in january 2006 and got my file number in feb 2006.. i have filed my case in bufflo but now i got a message that ur file has been transferred to it means that interview is must.. please reply me .. thanks
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