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Subject: parents visit visa
  I want to invite my parents from dubai to attend my wedding aniversary here in Toronto. My Husband is candian citizen , i m PR holder.
I am sending invitation letter to my parents to apply for visit visa. with all the details e.g I will bear all your
Responsibilities/ Expenses. and my father will asure them that he will back to dubai because he is runing a business there.
If any one can tell me is this enough reason( visit to attend my wedding aniversary) for my parents to apply visit visa in Dubai.
what should i include in the iinvitation letter
thank you .

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I am applying for visit visa for myself too and it shud include your parents name, address and your name and address and the reason of inviting and lenght of there stay...when she is planing to arrive and when will she leave and you will be supporting her ....i think that shud be enough and the reason for visiting is valid... (visitn her daughter)...hope that helps
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the cic website has a list of things to include in your invitation.
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Your letter should suffice; they can apply in Canadian Consulate in Abu Dhabi and happy anniversary.
Syed Z
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Make sure your parents take sufficient documents to prove ties to Dubai.
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hi my mom want to visit in canada .she is 53 years old .and i am pregnanat so i need my mom bcz of some complications in my pregency .so how can i help my mom to apply a visit visa.
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