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Subject: Attn: HS..... PCC delay
  Hi HS,

Infact they asked for medicals also alongwith the PCC from India. I gave it in the third week of May itself and sent the PCC in the first week of June. Interview is waived. Also ROLF is encashed by CIC, Buffalo in the second week of June. So with reference to the above facts, do you think still the background check will take a long time?



Subject: PCC delay
My IA was in April?05. I was requested for PCC from India (as my nationality is Indian), I submitted my PCC in the first week of June. Will it take a long time for Background check as I have submitted my PCC just now instead of placing it when I applied?

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Dont worry... it is not in your hands... if you get PCC late you cant do anything about it... Background Check will not start until they ask you for medicals... This is what usually happens for people who apply at Buffalo post.

It has to take time and it will take time... I cant stress much on it...


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Well if your case is not complicated you wont really be spending much time waiting for your background check... With this I mean you havent traveled into many countries AND that you dont have any criminal background...

I have stayed in US for 1 yr, in Canada for 6 yrs and in India for about 1 years so I had to produce the clearance from all these countries and I had no problems... I got my PP request after 3 months of Medicals...and to be precised about 10 weeks.

So dont worry and take it easy and let it be on its way... it will be in your hands at the right time... I know it is very fustrating... I have been there...

In my case I was in Canada and then I went back to India for 4 months and they still asked me the PCC from India even though I had not stayed in India for 6+ months... I got it from the Indian Consulate from Toronto and they were okey with it...

SO I´d suggest you keep cool and just wait... infect you cant do anything besides waiting...

Good Luck...

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