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  Hi everyone

I am about to send my application for permanent residence and I need a reference letter from my employer (I am taking a co-op program). He is to busy to write the letter and asked me to do it and then he will sign it. Does anybody knows any good links to get some samples of reference letters?


John Brown

John Brown
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How about this one :

Dear madam, sir,

Mr John Brown was the best of the best. It is with the deepest regrets I have to let him go.If it wasn´t for Mr Brown, my company wouldn´t be on the Forbes top 10 list.
To whom it may concern, Mr Brown alsways was a hard working and creatif coworker and has a lot of potential for leadership.

Yours sincerely,

Your Boss

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Write a reference letter

By Carey Toane

Business writing can be tricky, and even reference letters can have a subtext. Here´s how to send that employee ? good or bad ? off with clarity and flair.

The style of a reference letter varies depending on its destination: solicited letters go to a specific new potential employer, unsolicited letters are for an unspecified future use.

If you´re writing the latter, "don´t have a ´Dear´ line and don´t ever say ´To Whom It May Concern,´" says Jane Watson of J.Watson and Associates, a consulting firm in Toronto. "Drop all that stuff and start with a subject line, ´Re: Employment reference for John Brown.´ If it´s for someone specificially, then you´d write ´Dear Whoever.´ But only use ´Dear´ if you´ve got a name."

There are different ways to start, depending on the quality of the employee. "If this employee was just excellent, then you would say, ´I am pleased to give a reference for so-and-so,´" says Watson, who consults for firms including OPSEU, CIBC Mortgages and Hoffman LaRoche Pharmaceuticals. "And if you had an average employee or someone you were not too thrilled about, you could say, ´We have received a request for a reference for so-and-so, and we´ve reviewed the personnel records."

State how long you knew the "candidate," and stress the person´s strong points. How well did she work with others? Was she punctual? Professional? Polite? "Make sure that you keep your comments restricted to work-related matters," says Watson. "Don´t include any personal criticisms. You´re being asked what kind of a worker they are, not whether you liked them or not."

Watson says a good reference letter is no longer than four paragraphs long, and how you end it depends again on the employee herself. "If it was an average employee, you could end with, ´If you have any further questions, please call my office.´ If you were delighted with this employee and were sorry to see them leave, you might want to say, ´We´re sorry that so-and-so is leaving our agency, and we wish them luck in their new areas.´"


Google also shows this:

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This is the simple format but it will work 100%


To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to certify that Mr._______________ is an employee of our organization i.e. ______________., also known as ________________ and working as an __________ since ________.

For _________(Company Name)

Full Company Address
Phone Number
www.(Website if any)

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Some of you guys are so silly,
John Brown has a serious question

Anyways...., Tom your format is okay, but is missing a few key points. John Brown make sure your letter contains job title, date of employment/hire, salary history, detailed job description/description of duties etc. Also have your boss apply company seal if available, or at least have the letter notorized. Attach your boss´s bussiness card if available. Make sure letter is on company letterhead!! The CIC does not require poetic descriptions of how GREAT a worker you are. This particular job reference is not for you to obtain employment, but for CIC to recognize your job EXPERIENCES/SKILLS and if they meet skilled worker applicant/HRDC requirements thereby adding to you minimum 67 points!!

Good luck

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Are you the mr. john brown from the canadian immigration services?

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