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Subject: I am an English Electrician Age 24 with good ...
  I am an English Electrician Age 24 with good electrical qualifications. I have an application for PR that has just been sent off.

Can I get a work permit whilst the PR is being processed?
If I had a job in Canada and I was working there on work permit could this speed up PR processing time?
How long can a work permit last for?

Are there any Electricians that have been through the Ontario trade exam to re-qualify as Canadian electricians? Your help and advice would be appreciated.

paul edwards
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I don´t know for sure, but I doubt CIC will let you show dual intent. One, you are requesting "Permanent" residency. Two, you want to request a "Temporary" work VISA.

Also, to my knowledge, there is nothing you can do to speed up your PR case.

Both these things represent a type of immigration Loop Hole to get to Canada faster, and I don´t think CIC likes this very much.

Paul, to get certified in Ontario you must have had a 4 to 5 year apprentiship, and pass the exam. Your foriegn experience will be taken into consideration... while you may not get credit for all your foriegn experience, the fact that you are from the UK will help a lot (I can see them considering 3rd world experience to be a bit iffy). Also, all you experience will be in English, which helps GREATLY.

Do this now: Get every piece of documentation together which shows you experience... your schooling, your hands on experience, who you worked with, who you worked for, what you did, what exams have you passed, what training you have received. The training consultant for the Workplace Support Services will want all of this so they can make their decision as to what you will need to do to get your "Certificate of Qualification" (C of Q).

Try to get a hold of this document ASAP "Apprenticeship Training Standards ? Industrial Electrician". I don´t know how to get it, but the Workplace Support Services will have it (I don´t know the cost or anyting). Perhaps you have family in Ontario who can do this.

From this document, you may be able to make logical career moves while still in the UK, that will make it easier for you to get your "C of Q" upon landing. The fastest you can possibly get the "C of Q" is 3 months (that is if all your UK experience is enough to qualify you.) It will cost you $200 in total for the certificate (but this does not need to be renewed). I cannot stress this enough... do what you can now, in order to be certified as quickly as possible in Ontario.

Remember, you can work in Ontario as an electrician without certification, although most employers request that you have the Q of C. Plan to spend a minimum of 3 months doing odd jobs, or working for much less than you are worth until you get the certification. You may be pulling wires for someone, or whatever, but thats the way it goes. Since you are skilled, you will learn a lot about Ontario Code in this time... it is probably as convoluted as UK code.

There is a English test. I think you will be fine! Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Paul, if you have not read this already, read it right now... I believe this will be your bible for getting certified in Ontario:


Also, you will not have trouble finding work. The electricain trade is growing and the workforce is ageing at the same time. You may not need to look farther than Ontario Hydro to have a great career... Ontario provides electricity to not only for 11 million Ontarians, but many Americans too. They are unionized, and lot of people are waiting a couple years to get there 30 year mark, so they can sit back on their huge pension and bankrupt the health system (oopps, did I say that?). This will create job openings, and a vacuum for advancement. Just be motivated, mobile, ambitious, and hard working... all the same things that it takes to have a great career in the UK.

Good luck,


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also consider BC
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