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Subject: BF question??
  is it possible to get PP request before BF date. My BF date is 22nd july. I have only 4 months before my medical expires. i applied from NYC. I forgot to send my pakistani police cert. Now I intend to send to before 22nd july. Though they did not ask for one but I am sending it. some one told me that sometime they dont tell you, what you required.

Applied 15 nov 2001
Paased selection criteria and Int waived oct 2003
1st medical nov 2003
2nd medical nov 2004

My BG check is goin on and do have any clue how long it will take. Thanks in advance KK

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You will not get passport request before the background checks are complete.

When will they finish your background check? Your guess is as good as mine.

Word of advice the BF date is completely useless for applicants.

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thanx kenny
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