Can I just take speaking test?

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Subject: Can I just take speaking test?
I did not take IELTS. I thoughtI have sufficient evidence to provide writing and reading proficiency. like
A grade in english writing classes in US colleges,
I have B grade in speech class.
5 year college and 3 year work experience in US

I haven´t got any request to test IELTS yet.but I just wonder they might.

can I just take a speaking test and send them right now? if yes whats a good one?

I really don´t want to take IELTS Reading and writing tests, just taking the the sample tests feels like brain torture.

any suggestions?

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No, you can´t take just speaking test. Moreover, you have to write letter (Proof of English proficiency ), you could write that you have been in USA for 8 years, you have finished your college and have three year working exp.
I suggest you to go for IELTS. Nowadays,in most cases, as IELTS is mandatory to evaluate your final score its quite unlikely to accept letter.

Good Luck


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