31 months and waiting...afraid appl is misplaced

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Subject: 31 months and waiting...afraid appl is misplaced
  Hi all,

I´m glad I found this post as I don´t feel like I´m alone waiting -feels like a Canada Immigration Support Group.

Reading from the post it doesn´t seem like there is very many of you that is Singaporean applying from Singapore. If you are out there do share on your experience with CIC SIngapore.

BTW, you all use alot of abbreviation like AOR, PPR, CAIPS etc can someone tell me what they mean?

Sent my skilled worker application in Dec 2002 and received the receipt in Jan 03...waiting eversince. Without them asking, I´ve sent then my FBI clearance via registered mail a few months after sending my appliaction but they never replied on whether they had received it. I send a letter to check with them whether they received it but they only replied citing my application submission date. Should I worry about it?
PLs advise.

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Hi there,

From my limited knowledge so far....AOR is Acknowledgment of Receipt...so that´s what you probably got last Jan 2003. Next to that after about 8-12 months (USA CIC), you should have received your IA (Initial Assessment). There, CIC will tell you if you need interview or not. If you need interview, long-waiting comes next. Interview date etc. If you don´t need interview, then CIC might ask you to go and get medicals and other docs.

PPR is passport request...you will get this at the very last stage......after medical is received by the office...after background check is done etc...

CAIPS is Computer Assisted Immigration Processing System...you can request this online via caipsnotes.com (US$30) or some other sources. You might be able to see there the reason for the long delay.

What stage are you now...do you even have your file number now..the one that starts with B.


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Hi Joe

Thanks for your prompt response.

I got my file no. and since then I´ve not heard anything. I´ve sent a few request for status and got the standard computer generated reply that my appliaction has been received in Dec 2002 and is in process. There was once b´cos of some extenuating circumstances, they wrote a reply to say that the officer is yet to review my application. That was sometime in Feb 04.

I have not received any information on IA. Is that normal or should there have been some info along the way by CIC? Do you think my situation is weird and likely be rejected?


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Hi there, did you do some research regarding the normal waiting time there...the waiting time varies per CIC office....here in Buffalo, USA, after the AOR, the longest wait for the IA is I think one year. So in that sense, it´s a little weird. I don´t think they will reject you right away without giving you a chance to at least be interviewed.

Why don´t you consider requesting for CAIPS...you would probably know something about your case....visit caipsnotes.com so you can see if this is good for you.

When did you last follow-up? If it was not too recent then you might want to consider following-up again. but as they say follow-up in the most respectful manner and say thank you always. =)

I wish I could say more....goodluck.

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The waiting time has been shifting eversince I submitted. Originally it was 16-36 months now it seems like they removed that time line. From the stats, cases are processed about 30-40 months.

I just found out about CAIPS from this forum so will try to do that and hope to get something from it. In the forum some have indicated to get the forms from CIC whilst some from caipsnotes.com. There were 2 differing formats which one should I use?

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If you live in Canada or know someone in Canada you can get the notes for a much cheaper price.

If you dont live in Canada then you will HAVE to use the serices of websites like www.caipsnotes.com to get your notes. They charge approx US$30.

You should only apply for CAIPS notes if you feel that there has been a substantial delay in your application. I dont know about the processing time from Singapore so cant comment on that.

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Thanks Kenny & Joe for your advise.

I´ve send the doc to my friend in canada yesterday to help with CAIPS application. Hope it won´t take too long. Maybe I would need your help to decipher it when I do get it. ;)

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