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Subject: New Medical Request

My Medical is expired and I got one letter from the consulate that me and my dependants have to undergo the Medical test once again.

They said they would only process the application further if the Medical results are received. Now my question is if this time also the Medical are expired what are we going to do.

I guess you can do the Medical only twice.

I have already orderd the CAIPS Notes.

Any input would be greatly appreciated

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You should get your medicals done as soon as possible. The results are valid for one year from the day you get it done.

If the medicals expire before the processing of the application is complete the applicants are asked to do the medical again.

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Could you pls share your timeline?

Which visa office did you applied for?

From my knowledge, usually twice medicals should be fine and it will be processed faster than the first medicals.

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hey friends, what hell are these guys doing? I have done the medicals 8.5 months ago still No answer. Don´t they think about people´s life
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